A work day at home with a quick green break

To make the better use of fresh spinach, it is a good habit to separate the smaller more tender internal leaves to be eaten raw in salads, and cook the external thicker ones. So I did. Rich, healthy, and quick. Enrich your spinach leaves with raisins, walnuts, pine seeds, blue or gorgonzola cheese if you like, and dress with a simple vinaigrette of 1 tsp extravirgin olive oil, 1 tsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp honey, one pinch of salt.

A green soup for a grey day

Grey and rainy here in the North Bay, but weather report says long lasting sun in the weekend and the next future. A fresh bunch of spinach and I took my chance for a may be my last hot soup of the season.

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“Encore” veggie burgers: kale and potatoes

I did it again. Veggie burgers for the happiness of our vegetarian friends, and also mine even though I am not vegetarian. I love vegetables with all their derivates, remixing, and interpretations. This time is a very peculiar veggie burger made with a healthy and comfy combination of kale and potatoes. The winter season is almost behind us (finally!) so enjoy the last kale or replace it with spinach or broccoli. Continue reading

Evviva!! My first veggie burger!

I love veggie burgers and I have desired for a long time to prepare some myself. I didn’t want to use beans and mushrooms, but edamame and some cereal that I had at home in great quantity. I chose some recipes from the internet and I changed and combined ingredients and proportions according to my tastes. The result was this colorful, healthy and really tasty burger. The following ingredients make 12 4″ burgers.

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Taraxacum Officinalis, dandelion for friends

The above picture is from this botanical website. I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t take a picture of this soup…

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Spinach and eggs: a super supply of iron and vitamins

Two easy recipes that I prepared some days ago picking from my sunday basket (this sunday basket): two beautiful bunches of spinach and duck eggs. When I chose and cleaned the spinach I separated the bigger outer leaves from the inner smaller ones. I boiled the larger leaves to prepare the dish of the first picture and I used the inner raw leaves in the salad that you see in the second picture.

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Escarole with a gourmet surprise

This underestimated greens are in fact a fantastic source of vitamins and have a very interesting bittersweet flavour. In the Italian cooking tradition there is a long list of recipes for preparing escarole. Very much so in my region, Campania, where escarole are commonly used in the winter in soups (minestrone), in casseroles with pork and other meat (the famous minestra maritata), and also to prepare a very traditional two layer escarole pizza (pizza con la scarola). Soon I will prepare the pizza, but this time I needed something faster and more simple for dinner. So, sauteed escarole with steamed potatoes and a surprising sauce… For the two of us I used a whole big bunch of escarole (it reduces a lot during cooking) and three big size potatoes.

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