Roast beef rib with cannellini mash and red onions cake


Ok, this is singularly one of the most tasty and interesting meals I remember preparing. Actually, eating. Made with a surprising combination of ingredients.
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Gnocchetti alla sorrentina


A simple comforting pasta meal served in cute terracotta bowls. All rigorously Italian ­čÖé
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La stracciatella


The word “stracciatella” comes from the italian “stracciato” which means torn or ragged, or more food-relatedly, scrambled. It is a type of soup typical of the South and Central Italy, made with broth, eggs and cheese.

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Greens, fruit, and cheese: the perfect combination

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly. As an Italian I would feel quite uncomfortable to give you the recipe for a traditional turkey, duck, or the various turducken combinations with casseroles that ensure American families a sensational Thanksgiving meal. So I will give my little contribution for tasty and light dishes for the days in between the festivities nosh-ups. A choice of two interesting and unusual salads that in a larger portion can be a main course. I read the recipes in my precious collection of Sale & Pepe magazines and I find the combinations delicious: fennel and orange, and radicchio and persimmons.

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Il polpettone della Domenica


This is my mum’s recipe for “polpettone”, as we call a meat loaf with an oval shape, very popular in the South of Italy. Tasteful and extremely “scenographic” if you add hard boiled eggs in the center, it is perfect for lunch or dinner when you have guests. Also because you can prepare it in advance, let’s say…. the day before as I did ­čśë and just heat it in oven before serving. Of course you can skip the hard boiled eggs thing, and just form a normal meat loaf using the same recipe.

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Easy and cool with cod and quinoa

It looks nice doesn’t it? (… it was evening, hungry, no time for white balance, the photo is horrible…). But in less than half a hour I put together this┬áseriously nutritious dish in a┬ábeautiful presentation. The preparation in few steps:

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Gli gnocchi italiani

Ingredients to prepare gnocchi are so very simple that is difficult to go wrong with the recipe, even though the procedure requires attention, and to achieve a good result some expertise in cooking is needed.

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