Fillo pockets with radicchio, cheese and pears


Taschine di fillo con radicchio, provola e pere

Fillo pastry is a kind of “not when I am in the rush” thing, but with a few tricks you can have delicious bites in a relatively short time. Here are my “tricks”: 1) spray oil instead of brushing butter on each sheet (which also makes your recipe lighter), 2) lay together more than one sheet instead of working one at a time, and 3) opt for simply folding the pastry in pockets instead of forming more elaborated shapes. Here are my pockets with smoked mozzarella, radicchio and pears.

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Prune bites

Prunes and prosciutto or bacon is a well known and appreciated combination. In this recipe it is made even more interesting and delicious by the presence of the orange zest and black tea (recipe taken from my precious collection of Sale&Pepe). I served them as an appetizer for the Easter lunch with my husband’s parents and a couple of friends and they were very appreciated. The arugula simply dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil is an ideal start for a rich meal.

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“Encore” veggie burgers: kale and potatoes

I did it again. Veggie burgers for the happiness of our vegetarian friends, and also mine even though I am not vegetarian. I love vegetables with all their derivates, remixing, and interpretations. This time is a very peculiar veggie burger made with a healthy and comfy combination of kale and potatoes. The winter season is almost behind us (finally!) so enjoy the last kale or replace it with spinach or broccoli. Continue reading

Evviva!! My first veggie burger!

I love veggie burgers and I have desired for a long time to prepare some myself. I didn’t want to use beans and mushrooms, but edamame and some cereal that I had at home in great quantity. I chose some recipes from the internet and I changed and combined ingredients and proportions according to my tastes. The result was this colorful, healthy and really tasty burger. The following ingredients make 12 4″ burgers.

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A cooking marathon for folks and friends

… and how to organize a successful holiday buffet party for 15 people in 1 day and half and not die. No recipes in this post, my purpose is only to give you some ideas for a holiday buffet menu where all preparations are intended to be easy to pick and eat in plastic dishes, standing, talking, mingling.

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Tegoline di formaggio


Crisp cheese cones, or baskets, or discs, or pipes, …

“Tegoline di formaggio” are a fantastic base to run wild with the fantasy and make nice and interesting combinations for fingerfood or appetizers. Use 1 cup of grated hard cheese, parmigiano reggiano, or pecorino, depending on the combinations that you want to create. Split the cheese in 12 portions (it should be 12 heaping tablespoons).

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Il rustico degli avanzi


Beh potevo mai passare un periodo in Italia dalla mia famiglia e non “rubare” almeno uno scatto e conseguente ricettina della mamma? E infatti eccone una davvero facile e buona. Cucinare con gli avanzi è una caratteristica della cucina italiana, quasi tradizionalmente specializzata nel consumo di quei resti di formaggio eterogenei e quei pezzi di salame o di prosciutto ormai un pò asciutti dopo qualche giorno in frigorifero. Continue reading