My name is Cinzia. I grew up playing freely in the coutryside in the South of Italy, the ancient  small town of Montesarchio. If I close my eyes I can still see me and my friends running and hiding in the fresh bean fields, climbing up the fig and cherry trees and making the elders angry. I remember the games and the fake cooking with soil, flowers and leaves, the fresh eggs to drink raw directly from the shell that I have never liked, and our afternoon snack, “la merenda”. This was a little precious ritual to enjoy in the fields or watching our favorite cartoons, bread and honey, bread and oil, bread and cherries… I can still taste the sweetness of it all.

I studied a lot since then to be an archaeologist, which I am, I have traveled the world, mostly Africa, and in 2008 I moved in San Francisco, California, to pursue a career in digital archaeology and to be with Michael, the man of my life. The beginnings were pretty hard, figuring out a new job, new friends, new interests. I spent a lot of time by myself trying to find my space and identity into this new beautiful world, and this is when Bread & Cherries was born.

I started to cook at home for me and Michael mixing my Italian home cooking tradition and the beautiful products of the blessed land of California trying to take back the simple flavours of my childhood and share them with him. Simple and fresh ingredients, Italian tradition, and home recipes from scratch are the major ingredients of this blog. Bread&Cherries has been one of my best friend in hard moments and is my lovely creature now that I am happy and have found my balance and my happiness so far from my original home.

3 Responses

  1. Hello, Cinzia! Love your site! Cheers, Frank (from Memorie di Angelina).

  2. what a wonderful site! Love reading about you and your friends in Italy I’m also Italian though born in San Francisco, welcome to California and Foodbuzz!

  3. Cinzia – this may be an odd post, but my family originates from Montesarchio as well. Via Conte to be exact. That is the street where my grandfather Carminantonio Russo was was living when he was born. I will be travelling to Montesarchio for the first time next year after years of digging up the Russo family roots. I still have much to learn about my family and I am hopeful to find extended family born from those that stayed behind when my grandfather left Montesarchio in 1913. I am so excited to go and would appreciate any first-hand suggestions on how to get the true taste of the town. And … if you know any Russo’s that would want to trade genealogy notes…that would help too! 😉 Hope to hear from you soon.

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