My Sunday basket

I am still warming up after my long absence. And still trying to catch up with cooking, writing, working, trying to have a little joy with my family and friends. Soon very soon many recipes. For now a basket of fresh seasonal vegetables bought at the Marin Farmers Market on Sunday, November 15, and some ideas on what to do with it.

4.00 $ 2 spinach bunches
2.00 $ 1 large treviso radicchio
2.00 $ 1 pound red beets
2.00 $ 1 pound eggplants
4.50 $ 1 pound portabella mushrooms
1.00 $ 1/2 pound fennel
2.00 $ 1 pound persimmons
17.50 $ total

I got also a dozen eggs for 5.50 $, the kind rich in DHA Omega-3 from feeding the chickens with seaweeds + two duck eggs as a gift, a quarter loaf whole wheat bread for 5 $, more than one pound but still quite expensive, last a small piece of goat peppercorn dry jack (23.99/lb). Let’s see what I can do this coming week with this stuff:
steamed spinach with poached eggs
spinach salad with goat jack
pasta with radicchio and cheese
salads with fennel and persimmons
beets soup
side dish of eggplants
pasta with portabella mushrooms.

See you this week 😉


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