Fillo pockets with radicchio, cheese and pears


Taschine di fillo con radicchio, provola e pere

Fillo pastry is a kind of “not when I am in the rush” thing, but with a few tricks you can have delicious bites in a relatively short time. Here are my “tricks”: 1) spray oil instead of brushing butter on each sheet (which also makes your recipe lighter), 2) lay together more than one sheet instead of working one at a time, and 3) opt for simply folding the pastry in pockets instead of forming more elaborated shapes. Here are my pockets with smoked mozzarella, radicchio and pears.

A pack of fillo pastry
60 gr. smoked mozzarella, sliced thin and about 4×4 cm.
a small bunch of radicchio, chopped
a pear, sliced thin
salt & pepper
olive oil

I used 7 fillo sheets approximately 25x30cm. I slightly sprayed four of them with oil and laid them together alternately, in this way I made a lighter recipe but kept the sheets well separated anyway. I cut the sheets in half, obtaining smaller sheets of 25×15 cm., and then in stripes of approximately 5×15 cm.
Once cut my pastry in stripes, I placed in the middle of each stripe, a small bunch of radicchio leaves, sprinkled with salt, pepper and oil, added a couple small slices of mozzarella and a couple thin slices of pear. I folded the edges of the fillo one onto the other to form approximately square pockets, leaving the upper and lower edges open (like in the picture). My point was to make small bites as appetizers (good size for finger-food).
I placed my “pockets” on a baking pan slightly sprayed with oil and baked in a preheated 180°C/360°F oven for about 20-25 minutes. The pockets are ready when the top sheet is brown.
Serve warm with a dry white wine 😉


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  1. Cinzia, what a wonderful recipe — healthy, luscious and inventive! Thanks for sharing it.

    All the best, Margaret Lukens

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