I have been a little busy…

…with these two little things. What to say… we so much wanted a cat. Requisites: ONE, very young (8-10 weeks kinda thing), to be adopted. The only requisite we met is the last one.

It is last Sunday. We leave on our mission. We go to the Milo Foundation in San Rafael (HERE). Now, the Milo Foundation, is a fantastic place with fantastic people that do a great job with all our little friends, stray, sick, lost, abandoned. They take them, they fix them, they microchip them, they neuter and spay them, they give them in adoption. We are there. We are waiting our turn. We are looking around. Cages with grown up cats that have less chances to be adopted at this point (spring is coming… lots of little sweet kittens to be available soon). We love them all. They are all so sweet, defenceless, so in need for love. And there is this couple, they are brother and sister. Usual story of abandonment. They are 8 months old and we are already in love. We take the boy. We spend a horrible night with the thought of the little tabby alone in her cage. The day after we call, we go, we take her and reunite them. They are still adjusting to the house, but definitely look happy and at ease.

Their names are Pablo and Stella –or Stellina, Stelluccia, Stelletta, and all the fantastic variations of this name that I can make in Italian for this little sweet wonder. Enjoy some shots of them and a cute drawing that our little friend Lindy (a 5 years old natural born artist) did when she first met them.

If you want/can have a pet, please don’t buy. Foster or adopt!


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  1. Eden Ashley Umble says:

    Lovely site, dear Cinzia – the kitties are so gorgeous! I can’t wait to try the spinach soup recipe and discover many others, I’m sure… Thank you for sharing this with me. love, Eden

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