Easy and cool with cod and quinoa

It looks nice doesn’t it? (… it was evening, hungry, no time for white balance, the photo is horrible…). But in less than half a hour I put together this seriously nutritious dish in a beautiful presentation. The preparation in few steps:

1) quickly wash 1 cup quinoa and put it in a small pan with 2 cups of cold water, at medium-low heat, put the lid on and leave it gently boil for 20 minutes;

2) pull out from freezer two handfuls of green beans and boil them according to instructions on the bag. Usually you put the frozen beans in the cold water and cook for about 10 minutes after the water boils. Drain, set aside;

3) put on a medium heat a large pan with two teaspoons olive oil, 1 clove of garlic, a handful small tomatoes chopped in halves, black olives (and capers if you like, they are a very nice addition);

4) after five minutes put the fish fillets in the pan with the sauce and cook for 12 minutes. At half time turn the fillets upside down to cook throughly.

5) DONE! For a nice presentation, shape quinoa into little mounds and arrange beans and cod around it.


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