Spinach and eggs: a super supply of iron and vitamins

Two easy recipes that I prepared some days ago picking from my sunday basket (this sunday basket): two beautiful bunches of spinach and duck eggs. When I chose and cleaned the spinach I separated the bigger outer leaves from the inner smaller ones. I boiled the larger leaves to prepare the dish of the first picture and I used the inner raw leaves in the salad that you see in the second picture.

Very quickly for the first dish. Break the eggs into two individual ramekins that you have previously buttered and put them in 380° preheated oven. Leave them cook for 6-8 minutes, give or take according to your tastes. Bring to a boil one cup salted water (two pinches salt) in a medium sized high pan, put the spinach in the pan when the water is boiling and cover so that the steam will rapidly cook the leaves. After a couple minutes, remember that leaves are delicate and need a very short cooking time, gently stir to bring at the top the leaves that were at the bottom of the pan and vice-versa to assure an even cooking. Literally after three-four minutes remove the spinach from the pan with a strainer and let them aside to drain. Slightly butter a larger pan, place the spinach into it and, if you want to have the effect that I had, create two holes and place in the eggs, spread few flakes of butter, sprinkle with black pepper and parmigiano. Put the pan in the over for few minutes and serve hot with bread or crostini. You can leave the eggs in their individual ramekins instead and serve the spinach aside.

For the salad, two people. Skin one pear, I used a Bartlett, remove the seeds and slice it in thick slices. Soak the sliced pear into a small bowl with water where you have spread half lemon (this prevents the fruit to turn  into a dark color). Put the spinach in a large bowl, add a handful walnuts and the pear. Dress with one tablespoon olive oil, one tablespoon lemon juice, salt and pepper and gently mix. At this point add two tablespoons flakes of parmigiano or grana padano cheese and again stir very gently.


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