The magic Easter blend


(Ruth proudly shows her glazed ham…)

My friend Peg sent this letter a couple weeks ago “Hello friends, Am writing to see if you all would be interested in an Easter Pot-Luck dinner party here at our house on Easter, April 12th, 2:00. Ruth and I will make a ham and fill in where there are other needs / gaps …  just let me know if you’d like to come, and if you have something you’d like to contribute. If you don’t have time to cook anything, don’t be shy – come anyway!”

As an Italian (with the nostalgia of my family’s big gathering with lamb casserole and pastiera, among other goodies) I couldn’t be more happy to accept.  So, it was a beautiful day, warmed up by a bright sun, and animated by the great desire to get together and celebrate the spring. But also desire of blending traditions. So, no recipes today, just a quick “Easter blend” menu for all tastes and a wish for a Happy (gone) Easter to everyone.

Peg and Ruth, according to the invitation letter, made appetizers (salmon crostini with sour cream and capers) and of course the “Ham spiral-cut Ashbury Farm honey-glazed”… delicious.
Cinzia and Michael made a Parmigiana di melanzane (eggplants parmigiana, following my mum’s recipe here). Michael put his appetite mostly… 😉
Aj and Kevin put together a terrific “Gorgonzola scalloped potatoes”, that was a glorious 6 pounds orgiastic goodness.
Spencer quenched our thirst with an “Agua Fresca” non-alcoholic drink (watermelon, fresh ginger, lime juice).
Renée brought delicious Asparagus dressed with roasted sesame oil.
reg saved us from all the fat we were having, with a rich and fresh fruit salad.
At the end, Traci and Gordie delighted us with a gluten-free cheesecake with almond crust and blackberry topping… gorgeous.




This was our little Easter party. Thank to Peg and Ruth for hosting the event.


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