Quel che resta del giorno (e degli spaghetti aglio e olio)


The remains of the day (and of spaghetti with garlic and oil)

Si vabé l’ho messa giù un pò pesante, in fondo è un piatto di spaghetti alla fine di una giornata qualunque… Not encroaching in any way the beautiful movie of James Ivory, no political or social reflections here, just an empty plate and a sincere thought… no matter how hard your days are, put love in preparing your meal, and you’ll be safe forever.
Spaghetti aglio e olio is one of those ingenious and sublime recipe of the Italian plain cooking. For 200 g spaghetti, use 1/3 cup olive oil, 3 garlic cloves, one spoonful capers, red pepper flakes, a small bunch of parsley.
Cook spaghetti al dente in salted water and drain, saving about 1/2 cup of the cooking water. While the pasta is cooking, gently heat the olive oil with the capers and the sliced garlic in a large sauté pan. When garlic turns into a gold color, turn off heat and add the red pepper and the parsley. Add the pasta and mix well, if too dry sprinkle with some of the pasta juice you saved. You shouldn’t add any cheese to this dish.


Above, a picture of the spaghetti before they became “remains”, and by the way… after the picture I cleaned those remains with a little piece of bread, it is imperative to do it, “scarpetta” is the best part of this dish 😉  Smile and enjoy!


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  1. Simona says:

    So true. Fare la scarpetta is indeed imperative.

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