Trofie al salmone


Trofie with salmon and vodka

The “quick and easy” cooking is becoming imperative in my life, so I think of most of you. Long days at work, commuting, some overtime to round out the income, taking care of the house and its “inhabitants”. At the end of the day sometimes it is challenging to think of preparing something nice for dinner; the temptation of getting something prepared out of the first freezer in the first store on the way home is strong…

But still, for me, as an Italian, nothing is ever more comfortable and satisfying of a plate of pasta, with a basic sauce or vegetables, I don’t need much more than that. Also, in these times of difficult economy an homemade dish, pasta particularly, is cheaper and you know what you put in your mouth. 

This time, I wanted something more exquisite, but still quick to prepare. I pull out of my freezer a large chop of salmon and prepared this beautiful pasta. A classic of the Italian cooking, everybody likes it, no fails, success assured!

300 g trofie (or penne or pennette)
300 g wild salmon fillet
1 cup heavy cream
1 shallot
two spoonfuls tomato sauce
1/2 cup vodka
chopped dill
chopped parsley
one spoonful freshly grated parmigiano
freshly ground black pepper

Cook pasta in boiling salted water, not overcook it. While you boil pasta, prepare the sauce as follows: toss the fine chopped shallot in a large pan with oil and cook until it is soft but has not changed color. Add the vodka and let it evaporate for one minute, add the tomato sauce and after two minutes, add the chopped salmon. Toss for five minutes, stirring gently. Add the cream, let it heat for not more than one minute and turn off heat. Adjust with salt, add the pasta, and half of the chopped herbs, the pepper and the parmigiano (optional). Stir gently and serve with a grinding of fresh pepper and the rest of the herbs over the top. Enjoy it with a good glass of white dry wine.


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