Torino and all the chocolate of the world



And finally I am back to my blog … kinda.  For job’s reasons’ I am spending a long time between Napoli and Torino, away from my kitchen, from my home and from my habits. But I love to travel and this is the price for it. I didn’t know Torino at all, and I didn’t really learn much about it in the short time that I have, but my heart is enjoying this historic, elegant and lively city, and its discrete charme. If you have any chance, come visit, enjoy pleasant walks under its arcades and in the beautiful squares of the historical center, and stop OFTEN to enjoy some of the best chocolate and coffee, cappuccino, croissants, and cookies in the world. Torino is “the city of the cafés”… A “café” is what  in Italy we call “bar”, a place where people commonly have breakfast, but also after lunch coffee, brunch or afternoon tea and chocolate.

I recently read an article published in the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” of October 2008, that published the results of the awards of Gambero Rosso’s guide to Italian cafès “Guida ai Bar d’Italia 2009”: Torino confirmed its primacy in Italy with the highest number of awarded cafès.



Not much to add, just that… I am having the best chocolate ever, chocolate in every form, chocolate to drink, to spread, chocolates, pralines, bars, cream… chocolate, chocolate, chocolate to be happy! In my personal classification, the best hot chocolate is the one I had at the Caffé San Carlo ( A dark, intense and sensual hot chocolate with whipped cream and with a “biscotto di farina di meliga”, a very light cookie made of maize flour (typical of Turin). The pleasure is enhanced by the elegant atmosphere with golden stucco, mirrors and frescoes.

The San Carlo café is only one of the hundreds beautiful cafès in Turin where your palate will be magnificently indulged. You can find a complete list here, but try not to miss the most famous and historical ones in Piazza San Carlo, Fiorio (famous for its ice cream), Roma – Già Talmone, and Baratti & Milano in Piazza Castello for its fantastic “cuneesi al rhum” (chocolates with a soft center flavoured with rhum).

This is the time of indulgence…





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