La stracciatella


The word “stracciatella” comes from the italian “stracciato” which means torn or ragged. It is a kind of soup typical of the South and Central Italy, made of broth, eggs and cheese.

It is called in this way because the eggs, that are beaten and poured into the boiling broth, remain loose and cook in the shape of “filaments”. It is, by the way, a quick, easy and nutritious meal for the winter. I had some ground meat left in the fridge, so I enriched my stracciatella with small meatballs and made a complete and satisfying meal out of it.

For two people, prepare half liter broth (with bouillon, or veggies or chicken, depending on your tastes). In a bowl, beat two eggs with 50 gr. of ground parmigiano, and if you like, a pinch of nutmeg. When the broth is boiling, pour the mix of eggs and stir quickly until the eggs mix is cooked, it will be done in few minutes. If you like to add meatballs, just form some, very small, and let them cook in a little broth for not more than ten minutes. Take the meatballs out of their juice and add them to the stracciatella. Serve hot with a trickle of oil and more parmigiano if you like.


2 Responses

  1. Qualche settimana fa ho chiesto a mia madre la sua ricetta per la stracciatella perche’ me ne era venuta voglia. E’ troppo buona.

  2. Hmmm… looks good! And the idea of adding meatballs in stracciatella is a new one to me. I’ll have to try it!

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