Indulge our winter morning


Holidays over. All back to work and to normal life. No more good excuses for food excesses… Mmhhh, bad bad picture.
Let’s say that Christmas holidays always leave that weird sense of “food bewilderment” (I know it is probably a very bad translation for my Italian “smarrimento mangereccio”). This makes you feel definitely relieved for the end of the Christmas holidays’ food orgy, but also a little bit more sad (I am sure that my Italian friends know exactly what I mean).

But, in a winter grey and cold January morning, don’t we want to indulge ourselves with a little something… like a black, rich, scented, creamy cup of coffee? I did it, and it made up my day. I prepared a ristretto coffee with my moka and pour it in these small nice transparent glasses (sugar to taste). I added one spoonful of whipped cream (I had it already whipped in the fridge) and sprinkled with cocoa powder. I served the coffee with lady-fingers cookies.


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