Fried fish in few painless steps…


Cooking fish is still for me somehow challenging. Other than fish fillet baked in the oven and spaghetti with clams, I am always a little bit “scared” of preparing fish, maybe because of the smell that it leaves, maybe because it is very time consuming to do it for many people. But, I didn’t want to let the Christmas holidays pass by, without preparing the classic Italian fried fish (frittura di pesce).

So this is how I organized my work… and believe it or not it was much less painful than I expected. The fish came out tasteful, crunchy outside and soft inside, and not smelly, like only a good home-made frying can be.

So, spirit! Let’s do it.

I choosed small octopus, squids, and prawns. First thing to do is to wash the fish and dry it on paper towels. Prepare some all purpose flour in a plastic bowl that has a lid. Put the fish, some at a time, in the bowl with the flour, put the cap on and shake well. At this point, remove the cap, pull out the fish, and shake off the excess of flour using a strainer (like in the picture). Deep fry in canola oil (or other light vegetal oil): Try to fry it quite soon after coating it with flour, because of course the fish tends to get wet soon. The fry is ready when the fish turns a dark golden color. Place the fish on paper towels to absorb excess oil and serve soon with sliced lemon.



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