A trip to Foz Coa and Douro Region 01

rock art

I would have needed many more posts to give you an idea of how rich and beautiful my experience in Portugal was, and I saw just a very little bit of the country and of the beauty and interest that it offers. But here we are, almost at the end of our brief journey to northern Portugal, with one of the most remarkable experiences I have done: the trip to the the Côa Rock Art sites.

The Côa Valley, located in the mountains of northeast Portugal, is a remarkable archaeological site of prehistoric rock carvings that has been designated a World Heritage Site. The rock art at Coa was created over several thousand years, beginning in the Upper Paleolithic Era (40,000-10,000 BC). The themes of the earliest engravings are mostly of animals, especially mountain goats, horses, wild hulls and deers.
Visits to the rock-art sites of the Coa Valley are conducted by specialist guides and must be booked in advance. Visitors are driven to the sites in a bumpy ride in a 4-wheel-drive park jeep.

Thanks to Michael Ashley and Mark Mudge for the first picture, and to Joao Barbosa (the guy with the computer below). Oh… if you want to know what a pair of billiard balls at the base of the rock art and a computer in a jeep do, give a look here.







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