Eating in Braga 01… Mamma Mia, ma quant’è buono?!

Apparently Portugal, and Braga in particular, is the land of restaurants with an incredible concentration of places where to eat. I found this webpage called “Escapadinha“, where you can search a rich database of places to visit, where to stay and where to eat in Portugal; only in Braga I found more than 160 restaurants!!!

I am sure that not all of them are good and enjoyable, and, if you are vegetarian or Muslim your search for a good restaurant is pretty hard. As I learned, Portuguese cuisine is very much about meat and specially pork…
So, here it is a very short short list of restaurants that I have visited and where I have enjoyed very good food with an exceptional guide, our friend Joao Barbosa, brilliant computer scientist and… grand viveur!

1.  Forgive me… but I start with a special mention of the restaurant Mamma Mia, despite its location out of the city center and its understated appearance as you get in, the food is truly, purely Italian. Gianfranco, the owner and major chef succeeded in something where many fail: keep the Italian taste abroad, original and simple, avoiding fake cheese and mushrooms, lots of cremes, sauces and spices, but giving priority to fresh produces and herbs, true parmigiano, and simple condiments like extravirgin olive oil. Well I celebrated my Birthday at Mamma Mia and it has been one of the best and happiest of my life, here some of the dishes we had.

If you like Italian cooking and you are in Braga go and ask Gianfranco his advice for your dinner and a  good bottle of wine… you will not be disappointed.
Restaurante Pizzaria Mamma Mia
Praceta Amândio F Pinto 10, Gualtar
4710-074 BRAGA


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