Braga, a baroque jewel in Portugal


Just a few images from my trip to this beautiful historical city in the North of Portugal (the largest in Portugal after Lisbon and Porto).
Braga has a long history of occupation starting in pre-historic times. It acquired great cultural and commercial importance under the Romans who named the city “Bracara Augusta” in honor of the Emperor Augustus. After a long alternation of external dominations during the Middle Ages, mostly Moor and Arab, Braga was retaken by king Ferdinand I of Castile and León (in 1040) and turned into an archbishopic seat.
Braga had then, two golden ages, in 16th century and, later, in 18th, when archbishops developed and enriched the city with monumental churches and buildings (among others, the Municipality building, the Cathedral, and the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte). I loved the city and the people, warm and generous, a great place to visit. More later…

You can start your search for touristic information here.



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