Gnocchetti alla sorrentina


I received my new tableware from Italy!! My family shipped it for me and I’ve got it a few days ago. This is a story with pictures for another post. But now, happy with my cute Italian tableware, I am even more inspired to cook Italian meals. Look at this small terracotta pan… isn’t it cute?

Prepare your gnocchetti alla sorrentina in this way (this quantities work for three people)

300 gr. gnocchetti (or cavatelli)
500 gr. tomato sauce
400-500 gr. mozzarella
olive oil
parmigiano and pecorino (use one of the two, or mix them to your tastes)

The traditional recipe says “gnocchi alla sorrentina”, we will do home-made potatoes gnocchi soon, but this time I used a fairly good quality cavatelli bought at Ferrari Foods (you can easily find them in food markets). Put water for pasta to boil. Prepare a light sauce as follows. Chop a couple cloves of garlic and half a medium sized onion and toss them gently in four spoonfuls olive oil. When golden color, add tomato sauce, cook rapidly to keep the flavors intact, about 15 minutes. A pinch of salt, and then, with the burner off, a handful of fresh basil leaves. Salt the water for pasta and boil the cavatelli, strain and season them with most of the sauce, stir in ca. 400gr of coarsely diced mozzarella, a healthy grating of pecorino and parmigiano, and put the cavatelli in terracotta bowls (like mineee!!), topping each with more tomato sauce, a little more mozzarella and a couple leaves basil, another grating of cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil. Then into a hot oven, for about 10-15 minutes.
Serve hot with full-bodied red wine. Buon appetito!


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  1. So, do I understand correctly that the original recipe calls for potato gnocchi? If so, then can I just substitute the cavatelli with cooked gnocchi in the recipe above and do all the rest the same way? I’d like to try the next time I make mozzarella.

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