Roast beef rib with cannellini purea and red onions cake


After a few weeks of absence I finally find the time for cooking and blogging again. What I had planned to be small changes in the house, have become much bigger projects than I had expected, and they have absorbed all my energies for a while.
Restoring and painting a cabinet, recovering the dining chairs, getting a new sofa, getting rid of an old table… That kind of things that once you have started, they are just there, in the middle of your room, blocking your view, waiting for you to take care of them…

In this context, time and energy for cooking, a very little. But in the middle of this house revolution, a strong desire for tasty dinners that could reward us for all the good work done, resulted in some simple and beautiful meals. This is very easy and so surprisingly tasty with its new and exquisite combination of ingredients. I found inspiration in one of my precious Sale&Pepe magazines that I carried from Italy. Roast beef with cannellini and red onions cake.

I used a large beef rib steak that was enough for two. Sprinkle meat with a little salt, black pepper and rosemary (IMPORTANT: meat has to be kept out of the fridge for at least half a day, this is critical to have a soft meat after cooking). Leave it seat for half a hour. Meanwhile slice in tiny slices a big red onion and toss it gently, uncovered, in three spoonfuls olive oil, stirring frequently (add a couple spoonfuls water if too dry). When it is cooked, put the onions in muffin cups and shape small cakes that you will turn out in the serving plates. For the cannellini purea, I used a can of cooked cannellini. Wash out most of the water in the can and heat cannellini in a small pan adding a little water, adjust with salt. When hot enough, mash the beans with an immersion blender, put the purea in the plates and sprinkle with a little pepper and olive oil.
Roast the meat (barbecue or on a roasting pan) for 3-5 minutes per side, depending on how thick the meat is. When cooked, slice the meat and serve with the side dishes.


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  1. bel piatto, cinzia!

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