Fettuccine con pesto di rucola e mandorle

Veloce, velocissimo. A delicious pesto sauce that, even though it is easy to prepare, will make your pasta very special. I found this recipe here, and I slightly re-elaborated it, grinding the ingredients coarser and adding a few almond slices to decorate the plate.
Toast a handful almonds in a small pan (whole or sliced, without the skin… as you can see in the picture ). Put the ground almonds in a mixer together with 100 gr. arugula, 20 gr. parmigiano reggiano, 1 garlic clove and two pinches salt, start to mix and slowly add 1/3 glass e.v.o. oil. This quantity of oil is the average ratio, but use more or less depending on the consistency that you want (this pesto comes anyway thicker than the classic pesto with basil). This quantity of sauce will dress about 400 gr. pasta.

Cook fettuccine al dente (see the basic rules for a good pasta cooking HERE) and decorate the plate with a few cherry tomatoes lightly grilled in the oven.


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  1. Meli says:

    Hey Cinzia! I love you blog, its all so sunny looking it has cheered me up no end on a cold rainy day in Wales! I’m feeling inspired to cook now, despite our kitchen currently being at the mercy of the builders! I hope you’re well and enjoying life in the Bay xxx

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