Take this for now, profiteroles next time

Transforming beignets, or beignettine al formaggio
What do you do when you try to make beignets for profiteroles and the beignets don’t rise properly? You stuff them with a cream of cheese, sprinkle with paprika and you give them a new name, like… beignettine al formaggio! Savoury beignets is not my invention of course, but this is what I improvised.

A very good recipe for beignets (or choux) is in italian in giallozafferano, where you also find pictures of the whole process. But here it is:

Water, 200 ml
Butter, 80 gr
All purpose flour, 120 gr
Salt, one pinch
Eggs, 4 (or 3)
Sugar, one teaspoon

Pour into a saucepan the water with the butter, the pinch of salt and the sugar and heat it at medium-low. When water simmers, move the saucepan from the heat and add the flour, sifting it. This operation should be pretty fast to avoid lumps. Then put back the saucepan on the heat and mix continuously with a wooden spoon. The dough will soon be a soft but consistent ball. After about 8 minutes remove from heat and let it cool.

When dough is almost cold add eggs, one by one. This step is very important because the quantity of liquid that you need depends on how humid is the flour. The dough should be enough consistent that if you take some up with a spoon and let it drop, it should drop forming a kind of ribbon and also, it should not melt down, but keep its shape. So just be careful with the last egg, sometimes you probably want to use a half of it, or only the yolk.

At this point dough is ready. Put it into a flex decorating bag and make small circular mounds on a baking pan, let some distance among them because they will hopefully grow. Oven 400° fahr for 20-30 minutes.

I want to tell you my mistakes though: 1) my dough was a little too soft, so it melted down on the pan and the rising was more difficult, 2) I placed the pan in then lower part of the oven, so the beignets didn’t have all the time to properly rise and cooked too fast. Other than that, they were very good.

Oh, to prepare the cream to stuff them, l blended together some ricotta, mortadella, parmigiano reggiano, parsley, pepper a little salt and some milk to make it softer. Sprinkled with paprika and the results was definitely satisfying!


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