Peg’s day of freedom

A.k.a. A rainy night at Aslam’s Rasoi

When my friends Ruth and Peg (ciao Ruth, ciao Peg) called me and kindly invited me out for a dinner at… something like Aslana, Asim, Alsan, Alisman… given Peg’s excitement, Ruth’s brevity in explanations, Michael’s surgery, Jon’s “am-out-dunno-if-I’ll-come”, a horrible picture painted in my mind… a cloudy, rainy, confused night spent at the telephone (out of battery of course) trying to find each other, with faded flowers sadly hanged in your hands…

But as miracles sometimes happen, it happened that we successfully found each other at the warm Aslam’s Rasoi, flowers ok (in the picture above), Peg happy, dinner wonderful. Curries of meat and fish, curries of vegetables (wonderful the one of eggplants), soft and flavoured naan, samosa, and all the best Indian and Pakistani cuisine can offer. High quality food, a very good service and totally affordable prices. If you want to know more about the restaurant go to

Oh, I forgot to say that Peg (below, happy, very happy, very very happy) was celebrating her graduation. Auguri Peg!!


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  1. Peg says:

    Cincia – what fun! This is great. Looking forward to more partying on Sunday,… Peg

  2. Rebecca says:

    You captured the evening perfectly! I love the pictures of the kitchen and you’ve caught Peg’s beauty in that last photo. Lovely to spend time with you…I love the blog!

  3. cinzia says:

    Thanks ladies. I am happy you like the blog Rebecca. It was great to meet you and discovering a good place for indian food. See you soon!

  4. jon says:

    A wonderful night of beautiful people and excellent food… what more could anyone ask for? Thank you for the blog and the inspiration it brings. May it bring it’s readers to the kitchen to create some savory delights of their own.

  5. carla says:

    hi cinzia, I’m happy for you and your new life in seems you’ve already found nice friends who already can appreciate you and your inspiration… I’ve never had doubts about it. take care…
    ti abbraccio

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