Le paste facili 02 – Penne con le melanzane

Penne with eggplants
Don’t say I didn’t advice you with my mania of series. Here another easy and fast recipe for a tasteful pasta.
And, let’s catch this moment to remind a few basic but fundamental rules for a correct pasta cooking. 1) Always remember to save aside some cooking water (to be added in case your pasta results too dry); 2) pour pasta in the water only when water is boiling, never before, otherwise it will get soft and gluey; 3) add half a handful of sea salt in the water before pouring pasta (this quantity of salt works for three liters of water in which you can cook 350-400 gr. pasta, for four-five persons).
Eggplants 800 gr.
penne rigate 350 gr. (for four persons)
e.v.o. oil two tablespoons
tomato sauce 200 gr.
ground ricotta stagionata to taste

Chop eggplants in small pieces or sticks. Heat four tablespoons e.v.o. oil at a medium-low heat and toss garlic to gold color, remove the garlic from the oil. Add the eggplants and high up the heat to medium-high (like any other vegetable, eggplants need a quick cooking at high heat). Stir continuously, when eggplants are ready, they should be soft with crunchy edges, add tomato sauce and cook covered for 10 minutes to a medium-low heat. Uncover, adjust with salt and pepper. Turn off heat, add basil.

When pasta is ready, drain it and pour it on the eggplants sauce, stir gently, add the roughly ground ricotta and stir again. Pour in plates, if you like add a little ricotta and fresh basil to decorate.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Palmariello says:

    you’ve never tried palmarielli lucani? with this combination would be perfect

  2. cinzia says:

    Immagino!! Mamma e che darei per un bel pacco di palmarielli mò mò… li esportate in America? Grazie per il commento e ho visto il vostro sito, formati bellissimi… e perché i trucioli coi fagioli no?

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