Le paste facili 01 – Caserecce con le zucchine

Well yes, I like series. I started in Italy with the series of posts on my homeland (A happy land of history and white vines 01, 02, 03, 04… thanks god I was back after the fourth post) and I discovered my passion for “serial posts”, who knows possibly it is because series give a sense of continuity, contain a promise for the future, whatever it is, get this new series of “Le paste facili”.

The end of summer has always been one of the sweetest periods of the year for me, and it comes very late and sweetly slow in this beautiful country. SF is still sunny and warm, and so is the central valley, as a consequence, farmers’ markets are still plenty with fresh produce like zucchini and eggplants, let’s catch this spare moment of the warm season to prepare a couple easy and fast piatti di pasta.

Zucchini 800 gr.
caserecce or small penne 350 gr. (for four persons)
whipped cream cheese (or panna for Italian friends) ca. 100 gr.
chopped white onion 150 gr.
e.v.o. oil two tablespoons
parmigiano and/or pecorino cheese, 40 gr.
mint and parsley, to taste

Chop the onion in very small pieces and zucchini in thick sticks. Heat two tablespoons e.v.o. oil at a medium-low heat and fry the onion stirring gently until to a light gold color, add the zucchini and high up the heat to medium-high (zucchini need a quick cooking). When zucchini are ready, soft but still a little crunchy inside, turn off heat, add creme cheese and half the fresh herbs. Stir and adjust with salt and pepper.

When pasta is ready, drain it (always remember to save some cooking water into a cup or mug) and pour it onto the zucchini sauce, stir gently, add the ground pecorino or parmigiano cheese (mix the two for a sharper flavour) and stir well again. Add some cooking water if pasta results too dry, you want a very loose creamy consistency. Adjust with salt and pepper. Serve in large plates and decorate with a sprinkle of fresh herbs and drizzle with oil. Enjoy it with a light red wine.


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