Trofie con peperoni, melanzane e ricotta

Trofie with bell peppers, eggplants and ricotta

A quick and easy pasta before leaving Italy to go back in California…

400 gr. trofie
300 gr red bell peppers
300 gr eggplants
50 gr. onion
150 gr. ricotta
80 gr. ground walnuts
parmigiano reggiano
4 spoonfuls e.v.o. oil
black pepper

Have peppers and eggplants washed, dried and chopped in small pieces. Place in a pan the oil and the onion, chopped very small, add  a couple spoonfuls water and let it cook very gently for five minutes. Add the peppers and eggplants and toss at a medium-high fire stirring frequently until they are soft and start to fry, adjust with salt and let it sit while you cook pasta (al dente pleaseeee). Put the trofie in the sauce and add the ricotta and the walnuts (you can also put the ricotta first and mix it with the sauce), stir very well and dress with a handful parmigiano. Adjust with salt and pepper and serve warm.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Simona says:

    What a beautiful dish! Maybe I’ll be able to make it with my next batch of ricotta.

  2. Cinzia says:

    Ciao Simona! Yes it is a nice recipe. What you mean with your next batch of ricotta? You make it yourself?

  3. carla says:

    l’ho fatta…!!!con i limiti del caso…purtoppo la ricotta -solo di supermercato ahimè- mi ha fregato… sembrava più mascarpone… comunque ho usato i fusilli lunghi bucati che sono ottimi. e oggi ho messo gli avanzi in forno a gratinare.. buonissimi!!! grande riciclo!

  4. carla says:

    I forgot: do you think I have to write in english?

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