Small green peppers… lost love of my valley

Peperoncini verdi fritti

My passion for cooking really exploded since I moved to the Bay Area. California is such a rich country, the land here is so good and generous. Everything that I desire is here, and is of the best quality, but there is still something that I can’t find…

The small sweet green peppers that are so typical of the summer in the south of Italy. They are very good, not hot at all and with a more delicate taste than bell peppers. Very versatile, they can be added raw in salads (with tomatoes are perfect), or cooked to prepare a pasta dressing. But their “best destiny”, if I may say so, is to be tossed in a pan and served as a side dish, with mozzarella or other kind of light cheese are perfect. You can also prepare nice bruschette as a nice different appetizer or finger food.

Too simple to give a true recipe. You just need to fry a couple cloves garlic, to taste, in a few olive oil, then add the peppers and stir frequently. Just remember to remove the stalks. When the peppers are soft (about twenty minutes), add a handful of small tomatoes, chopped, and let cook for five-ten minutes more. Ready.

Most important thing of all…. if anyone has found them in the Bay Area, please let me know!!


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