A happy land of history and white vines 02

A little history and some glimpses

The ancient town of Caudium was founded by a local population, the Samnites. The modern name of Montesarchio is probably of Roman origin from the Latin expression “Mons Arcis”, fortified mount. Caudium was a very important commercial center with close relationships with Naples and Rome, favoured by the “Via Appia”, an ancient road that connected Rome with the Apulian territory, in the South-east, and that run through the region of Caudium.

After the Roman period, due to the continuous invasions of the first northern populations, the inhabitants of Caudium abandoned the valley to settle on the near hillslopes and for the town started a period of decay. But, the Caudina Valley was too rich and too important as a link among the different towns of Campania, to be really abandoned. In fact, life started again pretty soon and the valley re-flourished during the Early Medieval times.

The beautiful circular tower that predominates the landscape, was probably built in this period, the VII century during the Longobard domination, and a little later the Castle, close to it, that now houses a small archeological museum.

During the Longobard and Norman periods population continued to settle on the hill beneath the tower and the castle, and gave birth to two small villages that are still there, maintaining their original planimetry (the roofs in the pictures).


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  1. dean santner says:

    hi goddess – what a great website and what great fun! boy, am I getting hungry! i loved the photos of your town (and all the others on your flicker pages, too). have already printed out your recipe for “eggplants rissoles”, and am cautiously optimistic that i will experience this treat on my own dining table soon.

    thanks again for the chance to see you guys last night. more soon, please.

    love you all, d.

  2. cinzia says:


    Thank you for your comment Dean, I am happy you like the blog. Eggplant rissoles are easy to do, just be careful to drain the eggplants very well before mixing with other ingredients. Love you too and see you and Sally soon!

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