A happy land of history and white vines 01

Here I am, in the South of Italy, in my hometown, Montesarchio, in the heart of the Caudina Valley, part of the community of Mount Taburno. We are in the Italian region that Latin writers used to call “Campania Felix” (Happy Campania), a land of great beauty and rich natural resources.

Montesarchio is identified by archaeologists as the ancient Caudium, the place where daring Samnites defeated Romans in 321 B.C. in the famous battle of the Forche Caudine. This is the place where I was born.

It happens that when you leave your hometown and live away for a while, you start to revalue your past, your own history, your roots. This is happening to me. A sweet summer in the central Italy, definitely hot, but made sweeter here by the dry climate and a delicate breath of wind from the north that mediates the height of summer. Here I am, going around, visiting and picturing places that I remember from my childhood, many things are still the same, many more have changed.

Places, productions, food and recipes cooked by my mum and me, vines and wines, and also a little history of here, will be my journey in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned and enjoy some glimpses of this beautiful and mistreated land (Naples and the garbage devastation is not very far from here…).


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