Spinach and eggs: a super supply of iron and vitamins

Two easy recipes that I prepared some days ago picking from my sunday basket (this sunday basket): two beautiful bunches of spinach and duck eggs. When I chose and cleaned the spinach I separated the bigger outer leaves from the inner smaller ones. I boiled the larger leaves to prepare the dish of the first picture and I used the inner raw leaves in the salad that you see in the second picture.

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My Sunday basket

I am still warming up after my long absence. And still trying to catch up with cooking, writing, working, trying to have a little joy with my family and friends. Soon very soon many recipes. For now a basket of fresh seasonal vegetables bought at the Marin Farmers Market on Sunday, November 15, and some ideas on what to do with it.

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Fillo pockets with radicchio, cheese and pears


Taschine di fillo con radicchio, provola e pere

Fillo pastry is a kind of “not when I am in the rush” thing, but with a few tricks you can have delicious bites in a relatively short time. Here are my “tricks”: 1) spray oil instead of brushing butter on each sheet (which also makes your recipe lighter), 2) lay together more than one sheet instead of working one at a time, and 3) opt for simply folding the pastry in pockets instead of forming more elaborated shapes. Here are my pockets with smoked mozzarella, radicchio and pears.

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The small boat in the clouds


Once upon a time there was a little zucchini that wanted to play the “perfect spring meal on a sunny day…” Sun, who said sun? Who evoked spring? Yes I know, weather is not matching our wishes for clear sky and bright colors and for the delicate and delightful smell of the spring. But zucchini are in season and they demand to play a role in the story.

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Roast beef rib with cannellini mash and red onions cake


Ok, this is singularly one of the most tasty and interesting meals I remember preparing. Actually, eating. Made with a surprising combination of ingredients.
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Gnocchetti alla sorrentina


A simple comforting pasta meal served in cute terracotta bowls. All rigorously Italian 🙂
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Indulge our winter morning


Holidays over. All back to work and to normal life. No more good excuses for food excesses… Mmhhh, too bad.
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